Curriculum Vitae (CV)

"nicbk" is an acronym for my full name, "Nicolás Brendan Kennedy."
I am in twelfth grade. My career goals are broadly as follows: to contribute to the fields of mathematics and physics with a focus on artificial intelligence, and to engineer computer software that is preferably free and open source.

Portrait of Nicolás Kennedy


Mail nicolas at nicbk dot com
Reddit nicbk_r
XMPP nicbk@anonym.im
Libera.Chat IRC nicbk

Please encrypt or at least sign email messages.

My currently active GnuPG key is listed below. The key changes periodically.

Fingerprint: 7BC177D9C222B1DCFB2F0484C061089EFEBF7A35
Public Key Nicolás Kennedy <nicolas at nicbk dot com>

Version Control

Projects are usually hosted on GitHub.

GitHub nicbk
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